CaveFest Wales 2018 at the ready!!

So, CaveFest Wales 2018 is soon upon us, trips have been planned, facilities arranged, activities lined up and the party planning has begun!!

There will be a full weekend of fun for those who wish to get down and dirty in every hole available, and plenty chance of a break and relax being around like minded people, from all over the country, in one place, on one weekend.

It’s going to be a fantastic event for all ages and all abilities!!

Refreshments will be available!!

We will be located in Crickhowell in the heart of Wales, one of the best areas in UK for caving.

Register on the cavefest website to guarantee places!!

Introducing some new members to the Nedd Valley

Darren Postians, our conservation officer, shows a group of “newbies” around the caves and gorges of the Nedd valley, lucky for them Little Neath River Cave was blocked beyond recognition!! By a stroke of luck, that weekend there was diving practice going on and some of the group unblocked it from the inside. LNRC has reopened 😀

Brand shiney new web site!

We have launched this site to reflect what we do as a club.

Although our facebook page shows alot, as some people don’t have access to this, we are providing this alternative.

It will be updated regular so keep checking back.